"Michael Passafiume's poetry is distinctly his own voice, with echoes of his influences thrumming from page to page. From the splintery childhood memories of crumbling suburbia to the tsunami left in its wake of suicide, archipelagos moves fluidly from loss to grief to rage to disappointment, before bringing the reader to a state of grace, of sorts." -- Allie Marini, author of Before Fire: Divorce Poems, You Might Curse Before You Bless & others.

archipelagos / March 2015 / Blue Hour Press / Softcover, Chapbook

archipelagos / March 2015 / Blue Hour Press / Softcover, Chapbook


Below is a partial list of publications in which Michael's poetry has appeared:

The Alembic
Black Heart Magazine
The Blue Hour Magazine
Dirty Chai
Drunk Monkeys
Knock Magazine
The Louisville Review
Lullwater Review
MadHat Lit
Meat for Tea
Minetta Review
Paterson Literary Review
Poetry Quarterly
Soundings East
The Subterranean Quarterly
Willow Review